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I hate business ! I hate money ! I hate capitalism / capitalist !

by niki

I hate business !
I hate money !
I hate capitalism / capitalist !

The main reason is because business kills creativity & ideas . money kills creativity & ideas . capitalism / capitalist kills creativity & ideas !
There are a LOT of good ideas , creativity , imaginations , inspirations , dreams , & even good deeds that business / money kills ! simply because of a petty, shallow reason “it doesn’t make a lot of money or profits ! ”

money makes the world unfair ! business makes the world unfair ! capitalism makes the world unfair !

plus , the world becomes a boring place !
everything is all about MONEY , business , and profits only ! even though actually Life is SO MUCH MORE than that ! ie: imagination , dreams , creativity , Love , education , inspiration , helping each other , Heart & SOUL , genuine things , sharing , laughter , collaboration together , science , philosophy , and mankind / humanity / civilization make a great jump / leap forward in progress to a totally NEW era / civilization / Mankind / Humanity ! instead of only repeating the same , stupid, shallow, superficial, ignorant , narrow minded , dull , boring , petty , miniscule , & meaningless things like politics, wars about who has the most MONEY , fighting over religion , race differences, etc etc !

I used to have hope for Humanity , hope for Mankind , hope for humans , hope for people , hope for human race , hope for Mankind ‘s civilization … but now unfortunately / sadly I lose hope in humanity , lose hope for mankind , lose hope for humans , lost hope for people , lost hope for human race, losing hope for Mankind ‘s civilization ,.. Humanity is hopeless , Mankind is hopeless , human race is hopeless , human beings is / are hopeless , mankind ‘s civilization is hopeless .. !
I hate people / humans / humanity / society sometimes !

anyone also feel the same ? anyone can relate ?

(PS: have you guys also heard of some alternative movements / solutions like for example : Resource Based Economy (RBE), The Venus Project , the Zeitgeist Movement , Thrive movement , Paradigm Shift , Basic Income movement , Equal Income movement ? what do you think ? will it work out as an alternative / solution for our current society ‘s problems ? )


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Walking_Wounded 6/19/2015 - 2:08 pm

I’m a communist. It’s helped me. Understanding how capitalism is fundamentally alienating and violent, how white supremacy, patriarchy, and imperialism have caused massive dispossession through war and terror and exacerbated the health problems of oppressed people helps remind me that I’m not actually crazy, the world just isn’t meant to fulfill the needs of poor people, oppressed nations, women, and the LGBTQ community.

There’s a lot of obfuscation is liberalism (not liberal like democrats, liberal as in classical liberal thinking that’s the foundation of western countries), that make it hard to actually cure mental health issues, like addiction. It takes what business calls “running at a loss” to provide the level of care we need to get better, but capitalism is built around not what is socially necessary, but what’s profitable. This is why suicide, drug addiction, etc are so much worse for poor people and minorities.

Public ownership of the means of production, democratic planning of work so we make what is needed, and full social and economic equality and justice for women, LGBTQ, and oppressed people would do a lot to help us out. Not everything, but a lot.

We’ll get there one day.

MoonShine 6/19/2015 - 2:40 pm

I can only say what can work and what cannot but I doubts that whatever I believes what will work have any impact on society because I am not a credible or a popular person in the eyes of others.
But you are right. Money is the killer of humanity.

Hjerteblomst 6/19/2015 - 5:21 pm

good post

ExitProject 6/20/2015 - 9:04 am

Absolutely—YES YES YES!!! It’s such a relief to see that there are others like me out there who feel the same way about our society/culture (if you can even call it that). Thank you so much for this post (and the comments)!

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